Learning & Having Fun


Almcare takes great pride in being able to provide these SCL and Michelle P Waiver Services throughout the state of Kentucky


The Homemaker service consists of general household activities for individuals that are functionally unable, but would normally perform the age-appropriate household task.

Personal Assistance

Allows the completion of tasks that a person  would normally do for themselves if able. Occurs in the person’s home or in the community as needed.

Personal Care

The Personal Care Service consists of assisting with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, or other activities of daily living.  This service is not intended for those in need of highly skilled or technical care.


Respite is a service made available to provide relief to a caregiver.  This service can be offered in a variety of settings including the family’s home, the home of the provider, and the community.

Adult Foster Care

Adult Foster Care is a 24 hour residential support that is available to recipients of the SCL waiver.  With Adult Foster Care, the individual lives in the home of a family.  While living with this family, the individual will receive assistance with daily living skills as well as medical appointments and follow-up care.

Community Living Supports

Community Living Supports (CLS) is a one-on-one service that allows the individual to access the community while gaining independence in many aspects of their lives.  With AlmCare, this will include many fun and exciting activities everyday, free from boredom.

Community Access

Community Access supports a person to become involved in community activities and build ongoing independent relationships with others in the community.  All supports are very person centered.

Day Training

AlmCare’s DT service will utilize a daily agenda of activities that will allow for a fun learning environment and access to your community. We currently have centers in Richmond, Elizabethtown, & Springfield.

Supported Employment

AlmCare’s “Employment that Works” program believes that regardless of the severity of disability, any person who desires to work can work. The job seeker is limited only by his or her community’s level of knowledge or resources, not by the disability itself. AlmCare’s Supported Employment provides the support needed to figure out what a good job looks like, secure employment, learn the job, become connected with co-workers, provide long-term supports, and pursue advancements.