Really Nice Couple 


This really nice couple lives in a house in Central Kentucky. They have been engaged for a year, together for 3 years. They went to EKU together. She works as an NP for KentuckyOneHealth systems, he is finishing his certification in therapy dog training. They live in this idyllic 3 bedroom cottage with their border collie rescue dog/therapy dog-in-training, Bijoux.

  • One set of stairs in household, 6 steps, medium grade incline

  • Modern appliances and central heating/air

  • Guest Bedroom is available on first floor

  • Living Room w/ tv/internet access through Spectrum

  • Lady works 3 days a week, 12 hour shifts. Man works on certification program online and has training twice a week at the local facility for 3 hours/day, usually on days that Lady is off.

  • This household has two serviceable cars and is located close to I-75 and shopping